Colgate Toothpaste To Fade Stretch Marks? (Helpful Tips And How it Works)

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Stretch marks are extremely common. According to estimates, up to 8 in 10 women and men have them. Luckily, there are a few home treatments that work well on them, and some you can even find in your bathroom! So, can Colgate toothpaste reduce stretch marks?

Using toothpaste for stretch marks can exfoliate the dead skin cells away. Just rub only a small amount on the affected area, let it sit for 10 minutes, and rinse with warm water. After around 2 weeks, you will start to see an improvement in appearance.

In this article, we discuss how you can use Colgate toothpaste to minimize your stretch marks, how it works on your skin, and even some recipes for homemade recipes that are based on the famous toothpaste. By focusing on simple remedies and including stretch mark treatment into your daily routine, you can start to improve them little by little, until they’re barely noticeable. Here’s how…

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How Does Toothpaste Help With Stretch Marks?

Do you know what expensive dermatologist or spa treatments have in common with Colgate toothpaste applied on the skin? They are both a form of microdermabrasion.

That’s right, though it may sound like a complicated, scientific word ‘microdermabrasionOpens in a new tab.‘ actually just refers to the process of exfoliating the very first layer of skin.

The idea behind it is that a lot of your blemishes are actually just on the outermost layer of your skin. Once you manage to peel it away through gentle treatment, the skin will rebuild itself, without the blemishes!

So what is it about toothpaste that makes it effective for microdermabrasion? Well, for starters, it contains ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide that are meant to make your teeth whiter.

They work the same by rubbing off the surface area to leave room for new and shiny skin on your skin. In fact, those same ingredients found in Colgate toothpaste often find their way in cosmetic products, particularly those aimed at providing a gentle scrub and polishing the surface of the skin.

Colgate Toothpaste That Works Best?

Tube of Colgate Toothpaste

Any classic version of Colgate that contains baking soda will be effective on stretch marks. Luckily, Colgate also has a few novelty products that can make it even more effective as a stretch mark treatment.

For example, Colgate Essentials With Activated CharcoalOpens in a new tab. can make your skin smoother and even out your skin tone, which helps extend the effects of the anti-stretch marks. Colgate also makes tubes of toothpaste with coconut oil that could help you by putting a bit of moisture back into your skin after you’ve used it as a gentle exfoliator.

Overall, most Colgate kinds of toothpaste will do. Just choose one that is meant for adults (not the strawberry-flavored kids’ version!) and preferably one that is teeth whitening, and you’re good to go.

How To Use Colgate Toothpaste On Your Stretch Marks

So should you just rub pure toothpaste on your belly, butt, or backstretch marks to reduce them? Well, you certainly can.

However, it may not be the most comfortable, and could actually dry out your skin too much. Here are a couple of alternative recipes to try out. And the best thing about them?

You can make them easily at home, with cheap ingredients you probably already have in your pantry or skincare stash!

1.) Colgate Toothpaste

Your first option is to use toothpaste straight out of the tub and apply it to the area of your body that has stretch marks. This is very effective, and can actually give you results after only a few uses.

On the downside though, this technique can easily dry out your skin and may prove to be irritating in the long run. And as toothpaste is sometimes a bit thick, the mixture can be hard to apply, especially if you have a lot of surface area to cover.

That being said, it is quick and easy, and many people have seen great results from using pure Colgate on their skin.

2.) Colgate And Vaseline

Your second alternative is to make a paste out of Colgate toothpaste and vaseline. We really like that solution because it creates a creamy mixture that is actually pleasant to apply.

Vaseline makes it easier to spread toothpaste onto your skin and will prevent the “crust” that can form when pure toothpaste is left to dry out on the skin. It can also make the action of the toothpaste more efficient, by preserving the moisture in your skin.

Stretch marks actually happen when the skin is too dehydrated to keep on growing properly during times of stress (growth spurts or pregnancy for example).

Vaseline helps to lock in moisture in your skin, which can also help prevent further stretch marks.

To make this one, simply combine two parts of the vaseline into one part of toothpaste. Apply on the area you are targeting, and leave on overnight.

3.) Colgate And Lemon

Lemon can be used in all areas of skincare and is a truly miraculous natural product. What we love about it is that it has whitening benefits and can really even out the color of your skin.

With stretch marks, you want to limit the contrast between the marks and your skin as much as possible.

Combined with Colgate for stretch marks, lemon juice can really even out your skin tone and produce rapid results. Mix the two in a one-to-one ratio, or combine them with Vaseline for best results.

4.) Colgate And Aloe Vera Gel

If you’ve looked for homemade anti-stretch marks recipes before, chances are that you’ve come across aloe vera gel. Extracted from the aloe vera leaf, you can usually buy the gel either fresh or in a tub. Make sure that you are purchasing 100% aloe vera gel, as this will give you the best results.

Aloe vera works great for many skin conditions and stretch marks because it has the power to deeply rehydrate, and soften the skin. When you know that stretch marks are often caused by dry skin, it makes sense to bring that moisture back in with this natural ingredient.

By combining Colgate and aloe vera, you’re creating a gel that can even out the skin, exfoliate it, and moisturize it all at once. Use aloe vera gel like Vaseline, combining it with Colgate toothpaste in a two to one ratio.

5.) Colgate And Tomato

Tomatoes are being recognized not just as great food, but also as a great skincare product by more and more brands. You can now find tomato moisturizers, tomato face masks, even tomato spot treatments.

So why is the popular vegetable becoming so popular in the beauty world? Well, for starters, it is full of vitamins and minerals that can really revitalize your skin. Secondly, tomato is an acidic fruit: like lemon, it can even out your skin tone because of its unique PH.

To use tomato with Colgate for stretch marks, you could either blend a tomato in a blender and combine it with toothpaste, or smash it by hand with a fork.

The mixture will be a bit slimy—but very effective! Apply it to the entire area you wish to cover and leave it from 30 minutes up to a couple of hours.

Rinse carefully, dry your skin, and make sure to use lotion or a moisturizer on the area afterward.

Are There Any Side Effects?

With toothpaste being so effective on stretch marks, does it have any side effects? As a general rule, toothpaste is a very powerful product that you should be careful not to use too much.

It’s not generally recommended to use on your face for example, because it could be irritating and cause a reaction. The skin on your stomach, back, or butt is much thicker, so it shouldn’t be as much of a risk.

However, be careful not to use too much at a time. When exfoliating your skin, slow and steady wins the race.

You can’t expect to get rid of your stretch marks overnight, so simply apply small amounts each day, and wait a couple of weeks for results to show.

Not only will this give you more reliable results, but it will also prevent you from possible side effects like excessive peeling that would happen if you used too much toothpaste at once.

Wrapping It Up

Colgate toothpaste can be used to treat stretch marks, and it’s not magic. The active ingredients used in toothpaste to make your skin white are similar to those used to gently exfoliate the skin.

Combine regular exfoliation, a product that evens out your skin, and good moisture and you’ve got yourself a product that combats stretch marks effectively.

Don’t expect to see your stretch marks disappear straight away or all at once, but by using the product regularly, you should see some fading after just a few weeks. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other affiliate programs. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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